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In most climates where snow accumulates on the earth, there are snowmobile clubs. And in all instances, Snowmobile clubs and associations are required to have insurance to protect themselves in case of liability, as well as to protect private and public landowners who will host trails.

For clubs hosting events on public trails, state and local agencies often require clubs to have $750,000 or more of liability insurance prior to signing usage agreements. Clubs often find it good policy to provide accidental death and dismemberment insurance for participants, and may find that regulation require other coverages for those who groom trails.

Leavitt Recreation and Hospitality Insurance uses a selection of carriers to ensure our clients have a full array of insurance solutions to meet their needs at a very competitive rate.

And benefiting you, Leavitt Recreation maintains an elite status with all of our carriers which aids in claims service as well as pricing for our clients.

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