Personal Insurance Overview

In addition to commercial and benefit solutions, we provide our clients with a consultative, independent approach to their personal insurance needs.

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Private Client Services

Some families and individuals, particularly those who manage large estates, have additional, unique insurance needs. We understand the unique needs of private clients, and we have a team dedicated to designing and delivering service to individually-tailored coverage programs.

We Take a Different Approach to Your Personal Insurance

We believe that you are best served when you have a true comparison of your options, and when you receive advice from an unbiased professional. This doesn’t happen when you work directly with an insurance company—either with an online quote, by phone, or even with an agent who represents just one insurance company. The Leavitt Group is different. We are independent agents who represent a multitude of companies, including the top insurance names you know and trust. We are able to provide you with multiple quotes, and more importantly, you receive an independent consultation that helps you compare apples to apples on the coverage and cost that is right for you and your family.

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