The Increasing Need for Personal Umbrella Insurance

November 15, 2023 · 4 minute read · Personal Lines

Blog The Increasing Need for Personal Umbrella Insurance

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The need for personal umbrella insurance has grown exponentially due to the increased frequency of claims, rising payouts, and the escalating cost of accidents. Umbrella policies provide an extra layer of protection that goes beyond your standard policies, ensuring your assets are protected. In this article, we will explore the growing importance of personal umbrella insurance and the real-life scenarios where it proves invaluable.

The Growing Need for Personal Umbrella Insurance

The demand for personal umbrella insurance has surged as recent statistics highlight a significant increase in claims and payouts. Safeco Insurance reports that from 2010 to 2020, umbrella claims doubled, with payouts rising by 67%, and the average umbrella claim now stands at approximately $500,000. Auto accidents are a major contributor to these claims, with a 2023 APCIA report revealing a nearly 50% increase in property damage claims from car crashes and a 40% rise in the average cost of bodily injury claims from 2018 to 2022. These alarming figures highlight the escalating liability risks and financial consequences individuals face in today’s world.

What is umbrella insurance, and why is it important?

Umbrella policies provide an extra layer of liability coverage beyond your primary insurance policies, such as auto and homeowners insurance. It shields you from liabilities exceeding your standard policies’ limits, offering peace of mind in a litigious society where accidents and claims are on the rise.

You can easily protect yourself from large claims by adding low-cost umbrella insurance to your policy.

Scenarios Where Umbrella Insurance is Invaluable:

Auto Accidents: Auto accidents are a significant source of umbrella claims. Your standard auto insurance may fall short if you’re found liable for a severe accident resulting in extensive injuries or property damage. A personal umbrella policy steps in to bridge the gap.

Homeownership: If someone is injured on your property or you accidentally damage someone else’s property, your homeowners’ liability insurance may not cover all the expenses. Personal umbrella insurance provides additional protection in such scenarios.

Social Host Liability: Hosting events or parties at your home can be enjoyable, but accidents or injuries can happen. If a guest is injured or their property is damaged during an event you host, your umbrella policy can offer vital protection.

Recreational Activities: If you enjoy recreational activities like boating, ATV riding, or even golf, accidents can occur. Personal umbrella insurance can help cover the costs in case of injuries or property damage related to your activities.

Rental Properties: If you own rental property, personal umbrella insurance can protect you from potential claims related to tenant injuries or property damage.

Defamation or Invasion of Privacy: Personal disputes can quickly escalate into legal matters in our digital age. Umbrella insurance can provide coverage in case you’re faced with defamation or invasion of privacy claims.


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