Property & Casualty Insurance
North Canton

Our property and casualty coverage will provide protection through a wide range of coverage lines such as property, liability automobile, crime, and excess liability.

Property & Casualty Insurance

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What You Need to Know About Property & Casualty Insurance

Your business may incur direct damage to property, suffer a business interruption, or be found legally responsible for injury or damages to another party.

Whether you seek to cover damages to company assets or liability resulting from your operations, we will help you identify exposures and address risk solutions. Our coverage is customized to fit the unique needs of businesses in the communication and technology sectors. Our advisory team will provide insight to help customize your insurance and risk management programs according to your business exposures and operational obligations.

Protect your property

Our property and casualty coverage is a broad policy that covers personal property, business property and liability coverage for different risks your communication or technology company faces. Property and Casualty coverage is essential for every communication or technology business. Here's one instance where a Property and Casualty insurance policy would be beneficial: Your company sends technicians to install new servers and systems. They accidentally knock over a valuable item, such as art, a computer, or other physical items. Your company could get sued for all the damages caused by your technicians. In this case, your insurance coverage will pay for the damages caused to another party’s property. We will help you understand what each policy covers and what is excluded.

Cover your risks

There are several other scenarios, ranging from natural disaster, accident or theft that can cause a loss to a business. The casualty part mainly covers bodily injury and personal injury to another party arising from a company’s operations, products or services. We will help you examine all risks and scenarios that might result in casualties to ensure you are adequately covered for all foreseeable risks. It is not essential to cover all loss exposures; only those that pose a threat to your business continuity in case of an incident. However, it is still essential to know all the potential threats to help you create a risk management plan.