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Uniting Vision, Passion, and Local Commitment

Founded on providing the best insurance solutions in Northeast Ohio.

Our History

  • Step Sisters

    Founded on priciples of trust and security

    In 1979 Doug Van Nostran started the agency and Randy joined him in 1980. They operated with one main carrier until 2001. We then expanded our company offerings and have reached more clients since.

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    VanCan—improved risk management

    In an effort to better serve commercial clients, we developed and implemented our VanCan risk management program. We have successfully used this process to reduce risk and ultimately reduce costs for businesses ever since.

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    Improved service and options

    In 2021 we expanded when we purchased Coutts insurance. We now operate with eight carriers and 14 employees working out of one location in North Canton, OH. We pride ourselves on offering multiple insurance options.

Leavitt Group's Story

Dixie Leavitt at desk, 1952

Dixie Leavitt, 1952

In 1952, Dixie Leavitt opened an insurance agency in Cedar City, Utah, with one company appointment and no clients. By the decade’s end, Dixie had thousands of clients throughout southwestern Utah and southern Nevada.

Dixie Leavitt and his brother Bert incorporated Leavitt Insurance Agency of Las Vegas in 1959. Dixie owned 60%, and Bert owned 40%. Using this 60-40 arrangement, Dixie and other co-owners invested in and created agencies.

Leavitt Producer School, Spring 2022

Spring 2022 Producer School Attendees

As the parent company grew, LGE provided member agencies with the multi-agency strength necessary to maintain insurer relationships, offered placement services, provided back-office support, and developed other group-wide services, such as E&O coverage.

Leavitt Group has seen tremendous growth over the years, which was fostered by sound agency operations, innovation, partnering with the right people, and following the Leavitt Group values.