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We help people and organizations succeed.

You deserve an insurance partner who values relationships, integrity, and the ability to solve problems. Your total cost of risk affects your profitability. We believe that creative insurance solutions will improve your business, and we believe that you deserve the best.

  • Kysar Millenium Leavitt Staff
    Kysar Millenium Leavitt - Farmington, NM
  • Choteau, MT Insurance Staff
    Leavitt Great West Insurance - Choteau, MT
  • Leavitt Heartland Staff
    Leavitt Heartland Insurance - South Dakota
  • Agency Partner leaders
    Leavitt Group Agency Partner Leadership
  • Archibald Insurance Center Staff
    Archibald Insurance Center - Idaho
  • Allen Starley
    Allen Starley, Starley-Leavitt Insurance - Idaho
  •  Darion Scott Las Vegas
    Darion Scott, Leavitt Insurance Agency - Las Vegas, NV
  •  Erin Weenum and Family
    Erin Weenum and Family, Leavitt Great West Insurance - Billings, MT

We have been partnering with locally owned agencies for over 60 years.

Our model is dependent on local leaders holding substantial agency ownership. Enter into a true and equitable insurance partnership, shaped by integrity and aligned interests.

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