Can Homeowners Insurance Be Backdated?

Written by Bobby Thomas Jr.—President, Co-Owner

February 22, 2022 · 2 minute read · Personal Lines

Blog Can Homeowners Insurance Be Backdated?

Can you purchase insurance at a past date? Bobby Thomas answers your insurance questions.

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The question today is can auto insurance or home insurance be backdated? I look at the most googled questions and then I try to answer them to the best of my ability. This one’s fairly simple. Insurance can’t be backdated. If we were to allow insurance policies to be backdated, we’d just buy insurance the day after the claim happened. So no, no insurance can be backdated. There are scenarios where if an error happened and just to correct the date that may have been set up in error, and then there’s a correction to a date, but as far as backdating coverage, there is no way to backdate a home policy or a car insurance policy.

Keep those questions coming. We appreciate your interest in learning about the insurance industry. Have a great day.

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