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Jared Thames

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Vicksburg, MS

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  • Over all you do an outstanding job.

    I appreciate the fact that your agent caught the mistake on the closing documents for the property I sold at 2706 Hallsferry Rd. Great job. I am still waiting for a quote for 2501 Ken Karl.

    James McCarthy  Portrait
    James McCarthy
  • Love how attentive you are-quick to get back with me and help in anyway

    Patrick Nutt  Portrait
    Patrick Nutt
  • I appreciate the warm atmosphere of the office. The kind associates are willing to explain the terms with so you feel confident you have excellent insurance coverage.

    Erin Myers  Portrait
    Erin Myers
  • You have always been available when ever I have called. Thank you!

    Bobby Herrod  Portrait
    Bobby Herrod
  • Jared and other staff are always available to answer any questions and promptly handle any situations I need without excessive wait times. I could not be more pleased with the services I receive.

    Latasha Claiborne  Portrait
    Latasha Claiborne
  • The staff at Hennessey, Thames & Leavitt are very professional and accomadating when it comes to my insurance needs. They are thorough and trustworthy.

    Carl Saunier  Portrait
    Carl Saunier
  • Timely, immediate and concerned attention from Jared, and also from John Pemberton with Safeco after storm in April 2017 shortly after moving into our home. Thankful for our coverage with such fine company!

    Luis Diaz  Portrait
    Luis Diaz
  • Everyone in the office was nice and friendly. I had all my questions answered and had a new policy within a matter of a few minutes.

    Kenneth Hartley  Portrait
    Kenneth Hartley
  • Customer Service at HTL has been excellent. Best insurance agency I've dealt with.

    Taylor Ransone  Portrait
    Taylor Ransone
  • Called regarding a potential claim but since the trees did no real property damage no claim could or would be filed. However, you supplied me with some potential people to help clean up the tress and debris - being new to the area this was extremely helpful.

    Daniel Vanhoorne  Portrait
    Daniel Vanhoorne
  • I have called Jared on several occasions and he's ALWAYS very helpful. He has even gotten my aunt a new car insurance policy. I would recommend any and everyone to Hennessy Thames and Leavitt!

    Deborah Nickson  Portrait
    Deborah Nickson
  • You have given me all the support and information I needed. Jared Thames made the things pretty much easier to me.

    Alexandre Albuquerque  Portrait
    Alexandre Albuquerque
  • Jared worked hard to find me a good deal but was also available and able to help me make changes and work on my time line!

    Caitlin Mikesell  Portrait
    Caitlin Mikesell
  • Hennessey, Thames & Leavitt has always been quick to respond to any questions or concerns that I may have. I always feel like I am at the top of their list of priorities.

    Alex Tillotson  Portrait
    Alex Tillotson
  • Friendly, caring and timely response to my insurance needs

    Courtney Holloway Echo, LLC Portrait
    Courtney Holloway
    Echo, LLC
  • Great service in both finding the best quote & coverage and providing unparallel costumer support.

    Daniel Gaspar  Portrait
    Daniel Gaspar
  • I know that my house is in good hands and if a problem occurs, I will receive quick assistance!!

    Susan Sheehan  Portrait
    Susan Sheehan
  • Talbot Buys always makes us feel like we are his only concern, nothing is too much trouble and he always has time for us.

    William Bagley  Portrait
    William Bagley
  • Jared is the main person that I contact whenever I have a question about anything and he ALWAYS responds within a matter of minutes. To me, that's that I call EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

    Deborah Nickson  Portrait
    Deborah Nickson
  • Hennessey , Thames and Leavitt went far and beyond to help me find exactly what I needed!

    Skylar Blades  Portrait
    Skylar Blades
  • First of Jared was very helpful and knowledgeable about every question I had. He was very courteous. He made sure to get me the lowest quote possible on my homeowners policy as well as my vehicle. I would definitely recommend you guys!!

    Julee Tyson  Portrait
    Julee Tyson
  • Helpful at all times with any questions.

    Ruth Lewis  Portrait
    Ruth Lewis
  • Jared is fantastic!

    Gayden McAlpin  Portrait
    Gayden McAlpin
  • Y'all have always helped us out and kept our insurance reasonable. Thank you for taking such good care of us.

    George Ameen  Portrait
    George Ameen
  • Like your quick response when quoting a policy, it is obvious that you spend time finding me the best value for my money. I can also depend on you to recommend areas that I should consider - either that I am carrying too much coverage or not enough.

    Robert Fant  Portrait
    Robert Fant
  • I really appreciate Jared's prompt responses when I've needed clarification or changes to my policies.

    Also, I recently had some storm damage at my property and the adjuster was there quickly and the repairs were made right away.

    Julie Kelley  Portrait
    Julie Kelley
  • Personal Service and attention to detaul

    Fred Davis  Portrait
    Fred Davis
  • My agent Jared is always so helpful and he is very knowledgeable about his job and he's compassionate toward his clients and I think that's awesome!!!

    Clinton Williams River City Catfish Court, LLC Portrait
    Clinton Williams
    River City Catfish Court, LLC
  • Very fast turn around with info and getting setup.

    Andrew Hendrix  Portrait
    Andrew Hendrix
  • Great, caring service!

    Heather Blok  Portrait
    Heather Blok
  • You folks have been great. Please don't share my name though, as I value my privacy. This is also why I am not on social media.

    Sven Trinkaus  Portrait
    Sven Trinkaus
  • Jared has truly been a lifesaver!

    Some of the more detailed things I've been clueless about he has answered every question, text and call without any hesitation. He has been more than helpful during this time along with checking on my son and my self to make sure we are being taken care of! Thank you for everything y'all do and for being so hands on.

    Amber Blok  Portrait
    Amber Blok
  • Y'all have the young man Jared he have very nice personality and very patient with his customers

    Gehad Shaibi  Portrait
    Gehad Shaibi
  • Jared Thames takes care of all my business needs. Couldn't ask for a better insurance provider.

    De'Shawn Graves  Portrait
    De'Shawn Graves
  • Friendly, respectful service. You were there and had our backs when we needed you. That's very important and much appreciated. Thank you for your service!

    Amy Johnston  Portrait
    Amy Johnston
  • You provided me with the best insurance value for my needs

    Maria Brierley  Portrait
    Maria Brierley
  • Without a doubt some of the best customer service I have ever worked with.

    Always keeping us up to date, fast reply with any information we may need. Highly recommended and have shared this same opinion with many folks any time the opportunity arises. Enjoy being a customer

    Aaron Beard  Portrait
    Aaron Beard
  • I've had insurance with ya'll on a previous property with good results. You pricing is very fair and really good customer service from your agents.

    Leslie Breithaupt  Portrait
    Leslie Breithaupt
  • Y'all have great customer service and really do care about getting the best deals for your customers!!!

    Michael Parker  Portrait
    Michael Parker
  • Jared helped with everything I needed such a great person to help we're here could

    Ryan Cockrell  Portrait
    Ryan Cockrell
  • When I need something I call Jared and he takes care of it. They are looking out for their customers.

    George Ameen  Portrait
    George Ameen
  • Thanks Jared!

    Jared Thames with the Hennessy, Thames, and Leavitt and his associates were very helpful when my family and I went to discuss our insurance needs.

    He helped my wife and me when we wanted to do comparison shopping for insurance. We told him what our needs were and he helped us in several ways. We ended up spending over $1,000 per year. By paying annually we even saved a few dollars more.

    George Guider  Portrait
    George Guider
  • Great customer service by Jared. Prompt responses to questions.

    Donald Fraley Jr  Portrait
    Donald Fraley Jr
  • You are always available to help when in a crunch or we just need some small paper or info. Always willing to work with us and get us the best rates possible even if it means going the extra mile with more research, etc. Always a pleasure doing business with y'all!!

    Elizabeth Bowers  Portrait
    Elizabeth Bowers
  • Prompt and courteous service!

    Tim Reeves  Portrait
    Tim Reeves
  • Always so friendly and professional and willing to help

    Barbara Hubbard  Portrait
    Barbara Hubbard
  • Jared, is excellent and personable.

    Rob Cannon  Portrait
    Rob Cannon
  • Jared Thames has been very helpful and he always gets right back to us when if we call with questions.

    He's saved us hundreds of dollars on our policies during the last few years. We had some tree damage at one of our rental houses after a bad storm this spring and we also were very pleased with the quick response when we called for a claim.

    Julie Kelley  Portrait
    Julie Kelley
  • I just adore this company. Jared Thames is the BEST!!!! He is always there for me and my family. I just email him what I am looking for and puff just like magic its done. It's simple, reasonable, and a very easy process. My one stop shop. Thanks for all that you do. Continue to make others as happy as you make me.

    De'Shawn Graves  Portrait
    De'Shawn Graves
  • You were prompt in response and very helpful

    Estate Loftin  Portrait
    Estate Loftin
  • Great agency. Jared does a fantastic job of finding me the best coverage at the best rates.

    Since, they aren't tied to just one Insurance provider you know H,T,&L is going to be finding you the best coverage possible. They save me time, and hundreds of dollars a year.

    Dylan Scott  Portrait
    Dylan Scott
  • Customer service is responsive and helpful. If I need to visit your office, I can. People are nice and professional.

    Donald Fraley Jr  Portrait
    Donald Fraley Jr
  • Anytime of the day or week, you answer my calls and immediately take care of our needs!

    Bob Sharp  Portrait
    Bob Sharp
  • Our agent is helpful and always on the spot anytime we call,he returns calls in timely matter .

    Marvin Flowers  Portrait
    Marvin Flowers
  • Quick response time to email.

    Rhonda Hendrix  Portrait
    Rhonda Hendrix
  • Friendly and y'all care about your customers

    Dane Davenport Muddcoast Properties, LLC Portrait
    Dane Davenport
    Muddcoast Properties, LLC
  • Don always take care everything

    Kaushik Patel  Portrait
    Kaushik Patel
  • Jared did a wonderful job finding the right insurance for my vehicle and home at the best price with great coverage. I really appreciate the time and effort he took. I'm so glad I changed companies!

    Judi LaHatte  Portrait
    Judi LaHatte
  • Jared combined our insurance when Glen Wigley and I got married in December, and he saved us several thousand dollars. He gave impeccable service, even during the stay at home orders. It never hurts to shop for the best insurance rates!

    Glen Wigley  Portrait
    Glen Wigley
  • Great

    Anne Walker  Portrait
    Anne Walker
  • You found us a policy that we were hoping for and with a lower rate.

    You always call back when you said you would and did what you promised. It a good feeling to know no matter how large or small your business is that we can depend on you & your word and that our business is apricated.

    Joe Martin  Portrait
    Joe Martin
  • Searched until they got the best quotes for me

    Kimberly Johnson  Portrait
    Kimberly Johnson
  • listened to what I wanted and made it happen.

    Kenny Adams  Portrait
    Kenny Adams
  • Provide the coverage I need for good rates.

    Andy Anderton  Portrait
    Andy Anderton
  • Jared always strives to find the best deals and plans that meet our needs. He never fails to have excellent customer service.

    Elizabeth Bowers  Portrait
    Elizabeth Bowers
  • Found a good quote on my house and cars

    Randy Hale  Portrait
    Randy Hale
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