VanCan Risk Assessment and Discovery Process
North Canton

There's no shortcut to risk assessment and no charge for it.

The time it takes to properly assess risk and discover opportunities is an investment in the future.

VanCan Risk Assessment and Discovery Process

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Our risk assessment and discovery process

The future health of your business depends on your bottom line, not the bottom number on an insurance policy. At Van Nostran Young Coutts, we know we can't possibly provide risk analysis until we understand your business inside and out: products, services, logistics, employees, goals and values.

VanCan is a process we developed based on our winning strategy. When we know our clients inside and out, we know how to protect them, and we gain unique, non-insurance insights into how we can help them reduce costs to improve their bottom line. When we create measurable results, we create a long-term client—and that's good for both our futures.

What does the VanCan process entail?

Phase I is getting to know you. It starts with a face-to-face meeting. We'll talk about your business–your Victories, Aspirations and the Nuts and bolts of your business.

Phase II is assessing how to improve your bottom line. We'll examine Critical risk, evaluate your Advantages and present Non-insurance solutions.

VanCan utilizes a variety of techniques to identify, measure and reduce risk while enhancing your ability to perform. Every recommendation we make about how to manage risk is evaluated by its impact on your bottom line.

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