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What You Need to Know About Equestrian Program

Running a successful equestrian campground or horse hotel comes with unique risks. We focus on liability insurance for equestrian businesses, a growing outdoor hospitality industry. Exposures including equestrian camping, trail riding, equine, bed and breakfasts, and guest ranches are our focus.

Many homeowners and standard farm policies exclude commercial equine activities. Care, custody, and control coverage; trainer’s liability; horse show, equipment, and supplies; and special events coverage are important to consider when engaging in an equine-based business.

Commercial Equine General Liability

provides coverage for operations that may include horse breeding, boarding, training, and riding instructions. The policy can extend to cover day camps and other riding programs. Note: coverage is not available for certain types of equine business rough stock events.

Care, Custody, or Control Coverage

provides coverage for your legal liability for injury or even the death of a non-owned horse in your care, custody, or control. If your business is boarding or training horses for others, a variety of limits can be added to your commercial liability policy.

Horse Shows, Clinics, or Equestrian Events

coverage includes protection for the individual or organization running the event. Coverage is provided for negligence that causes bodily injury or property damage to a third party. The coverage period includes the actual show/clinic days and can include coverage for set-up and take down.

A few of the insurance programs we offer:

  • Large Property Capacity
  • Equine Liability Insurance
  • Watercraft Liability
  • Recreational Activities
  • Excess Limits of Liability
  • Multi-line Package Policies

Bringing the horse-friendly campgrounds the same benefits available to RV parks and standard parks is very rewarding. Packaging equine coverages for owners, providing safety programs, and really looking at the needs of each park as an individual is an important part of what we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the average cost of equine insurance?
    The average cost of equine insurance will be based on your location, number of horses, and the equine activities for which you are involved. A typical mortality insurance policy that includes major medical insurance can range from around $250 - $600 a year and covers anywhere from a $5,000 - $10,000 mortality limit and a $5,000 limit for major medical.  For an average sized horse stable or boarding facility, with up to 8 non-owned horses, a comprehensive general liability policy would cost around $1,000 a year for $1,000,000 in coverage.  An average farm package policy is $2,500-$5,000 and would include a barn, your home, maybe a tractor, and the liability for boarding up to 8 non-owned horses.
  • What does an equine policy cover?
    There are many types of equine insurance, and each type covers a different aspect of equine ownership or business. We offer policies that cover horse health, training and riding, workers compensation, and equine-related business, property, and equipment.
  • What are the benefits of horse insurance?
    With a growing number of horses participating in various activities, and horse owners using their property for boarding, breeding, training, and riding instruction businesses, it is very beneficial to have a comprehensive insurance plan in place. Not only can equine insurance benefit you by offering substantial coverage for your horse and business needs, but it can provide significant savings should an accident occur.
  • Does homeowners insurance cover horse liability?
    Many homeowners and standard farm policies will exclude coverage for your commercial equine activities. These exclusions are for care, custody, and control, trainer/instructor liability, horse shows, barns used in a business pursuit, and your tack and equipment; all of these are important to consider when engaging in an equine-based business.
  • Who needs equine insurance?
    Anyone who owns horses for personal or commercial reasons, or operates an equine-related business or property, needs equine insurance. Equestrians of all levels invest time and money into our equine friends. Our coverage options are customizable to meet the specific needs of any horse or equine business owner, ensuring that their horses and businesses are protected.
  • Does an equine boarding facility need insurance?
    Yes, an equine boarding facility needs to be insured. Typical barn policies will not cover the facility if it is used in a business pursuit, not to mention the thousands of dollars in tack and equipment that also wouldn't be covered. Contact us about insurance for your equine facility.
  • What insurance do you need for horses?
    There are many factors that determine what kind of insurance you would need for horses. Thankfully, there are multiple types of insurance that will protect everything from your horses health to a commercial equine business.