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Family Amusement Centers

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What You Need to Know About Family Amusement Centers

Who needs family fun center insurance?

Every family entertainment center can benefit from a customized insurance policy. If you’re wondering whether your business qualifies as a family fun center, the following definition may help.

Family fun centers are businesses with games, devices, and attractions designed and manufactured only for the bona fide amusement purposes of the general public.

Some examples of businesses and operations covered by family fun center insurance include:

  • Trampoline Parks
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Ice Skating Rinks
  • Roller Skating Rinks
  • Miniature Golf
  • Batting Cages
  • Go-Kart Facilities
  • Outdoor Driving Ranges
  • Ride Simulators
  • Escape Rooms
  • Indoor Laser Tag
  • Arcades

What does family entertainment center insurance cover?

No one family fun center insurance policy in Washington looks the same, which is a good thing. Your entertainment center may be similar to others, but it still has its own differences and quirks that make it unique. Your insurance should reflect differences and quirks. However, all family entertainment center insurance policies generally cover the same things.

  • General Liability: This coverage protects your business if a client or guest is injured or your business’ operations cause property or product damage and copyright violation. For example, what if someone slips and falls on your property and breaks an arm?
  • Commercial Property: This coverage offers a financial safety net if disaster hits and your site of operations — whether it’s a storefront, range, or combination of both — is damaged by fire, weather, or smoke. It can also cover equipment breakdown, which is especially vital for a business that relies on specialized equipment like pinsetters, go-karts, baseball pitching machines, and more.
  • Commercial Auto: Commercial auto insurance is vital if cars are involved in your day-to-day business operations. You can also opt for liability and physical coverage for the vehicle. A specific list of drivers with dates of birth and drivers’ license numbers will be required.
  • Workers Compensation: If one of your employees is injured, this insurance can cover the payment of their medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs.

How much does family entertainment center insurance cost?

Earlier, we mentioned that no one family fun center insurance policy looks like another. The same can be said for your premium as well. While we can’t give a precise estimate, we can tell you what factors can influence your premiums.

  • Your business’s location
  • Claims history
  • Size of your operation
  • Whether your business is indoors, outdoors, or a combination of the two
  • Number of employees
  • Your chosen deductible

That said, it is possible to ensure you pay the best price for your premium. One of the best ways to keep your premiums low is by practicing proper risk management procedures. The lower the risk of an accident happening at your business, the less risk you pose for an insurer.

Safety Tips for Miniature Golf Courses

  1. Minimize trip and fall issues, like uneven walkway joints, sidewalk cracks, and loose railing poles.
  2. Make sure stairs are clearly painted, and no-slip surfaces are added where necessary.
  3. Post signs reminding guests of safety rules.
  4. Have signs clearly directing guests in the right direction.
  5. Routinely check all golf clubs for signs of damage before handing them out.

Safety Tips for Go-Kart Tracks

  1. Teach employees how to tell whether a go-kart is safe for use.
  2. Make sure you always have enough employees to cover the whole track.
  3. Always have one employee dedicated to the ignition cutoff box.
  4. Ensure employees on the track have walkie-talkies so they can communicate when an issue or emergency occurs.
  5. Create clear signs for safety rules.

Insurance for trampoline parks

Insurance for trampoline parks can be one of the most difficult risks an insurance agent has in trying to find insurance, leaving most insurance agents scratching their heads. At Whims Insurance & Financial Services, not only are we familiar with the coverage, we have programs specifically developed and carriers identified to place your coverage with, allowing you to operate your business.

Every family fun center and trampoline park is unique, and finding an insurance plan that fits your center can be tough. You need an insurance broker experienced in providing insurance for family entertainment centers.

As family fun centers insurance professionals in Washington, we strive to know you and your worries. We spend time listening and learning to better help you find solutions.

You’ve worked hard to create a successful family entertainment center and trampoline park. The next step is to protect it. We'll assess your risks and guide you through tailoring an insurance policy.

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