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Unlock the joy of your inflatables business without worry—discover how the right insurance can keep the fun going and the accidents covered with insurance!

Inflatables Insurance

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What you need to know about inflatables & bounce house business insurance

We understand the intricacies of insuring inflatables and party rentals. Whether you're launching a new bounce house venture or seeking more affordable rates for your established operation, you’ve come to the right place to find business insurance for your bounce house business.

Why is inflatables and bounce house insurance essential?

Bounce houses are synonymous with joy and vibrant activity. However, their growing popularity brings an increase in incidents. Each year, numerous injuries related to inflatables are reported. In such situations, the question isn't just about having insurance, but having the right kind of protection. Are you prepared to handle liability when accidents occur?

Your peace of mind is our priority

If you’ve encountered difficulties securing insurance due to past incidents, you know the challenge it presents. Here at Risk Services of Louisiana & Risk Services – Leavitt Insurance Agencies, we have extensive experience navigating the complexities of inflatables insurance. Our focus is on crafting tailored liability policies that ensure your business remains vibrant and defended against claims or legal challenges.

What bounce house insurance covers:

  • General types of inflatables: Bounce Houses, Slides, Obstacle Courses, Mechanical Bulls, and Multi-Ride Attachments.
  • Events and locations: From Carnivals and Street Festivals to Inflatable Water Parks and Special Events.

Coverage details

  • Commercial General Liability: Essential for injuries and damages occurring on your property.
  • Equipment Rental Liability: Protects your equipment from malfunctions or theft.
  • Personal and Premises Liability: Guards against personal claims and on-site accidents.
  • Special Event Coverage: Ensures guest safety and venue protection during events.
  • Additional Coverage: Includes Communicable Disease, Sexual Abuse, and Assault & Battery Liability.

Streamlined applications for faster service

Understanding that time is of the essence, we offer online applications that simplify the process, making it fast and convenient. Start your online quote here »

Customized solutions based on your inflatable business insurance needs

We recognize each business has unique needs. Our approach involves understanding your specific circumstances, from your operational history to the types of units you manage. This allows us to offer competitively priced, comprehensive coverage plans that address your specific risks.

Learn more and get started

To find out more about how we can help safeguard your business, or to get started with an insurance application, feel free to reach out to Kim Ayers, our dedicated agent. Kim's deep understanding of the industry and commitment to serving your needs will ensure that you receive the guidance and protection your business deserves.

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