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#1 Family Owned and Operated Brokerage

$120 Million
in EB revenue

$7 Million
in specialty product revenue

64 Offices
selling employee benefits

employee benefits brokers

average book size per broker


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19th largest
independent brokerage in the US

*According to Insurance Journal, August 2023 issue.


Segment Breakdown

26% Benefits

25% Personal Lines

49% Commercial Lines

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Eric Leavitt Portrait

Eric Leavitt, CEO and Chairman

435‐865‐4000 // eric-leavitt@leavitt.com

Eric leads Leavitt Group Enterprises, Inc., the parent company of Leavitt Group.

Vance Smith Portrait

Vance Smith, President of Leavitt Group

435‐865‐2959 // vance-smith@leavitt.com

Vance's responsibilities encompass supervising insurance operations, agency affiliation, people & community, and employee benefits.

Kevin Grady Portrait

Kevin Grady, Chief Legal Officer

435‐865‐6553 // kevin-grady@leavitt.com

Kevin serves as the chief legal officer at Leavitt Group Enterprises. His responsibilities include overseeing legal services for LGE, LGAA, and their affiliates, as well as supervising Human Resources, Benefits Administration, Compliance, and Risk Management.

Gary Bell Portrait

Gary Bell, EB National Practice Leader

801‐364‐7233 // gary-bell@leavitt.com

Gary is responsible for revenue growth, strategic direction, cross-office collaboration, and training for the employee benefits segment.

Bracken Longhurst Portrait

Bracken Longhurst, EVP Agency Operations

435‐865‐2984 // bracken-longhurst@leavitt.com

Bracken works closely with multiple agencies and is active in long-term planning, budgeting, recruiting, sales accountability, and other aspects of agency leadership.

Dan Nelson Portrait

Dan Nelson, CEO of GBS Benefits, Inc.

801‐364‐7233 // dan.nelson@gbsbenefits.com

Dan is the Chief Executive Officer at GBS Benefits. He has over 25 years of experience in executive leadership, digital e-commerce, explosive growth, M&A, and enterprise value creation.

Matt Kiisel Portrait

Matt Kiisel, Senior VP of Operations at GBS Benefits, Inc.

801‐364‐7233 // matt.kiisel@gbsbenefits.com

Matt helps monitor complicated and changing regulations, such as ERISA and the Affordable Care Act, and apply them to our processes and operations to help ensure our clients maintain compliance.

Leavitt Group's Story

Dixie Leavitt at desk, 1952

Dixie Leavitt, 1952

In 1952, Dixie Leavitt opened an insurance agency in Cedar City, Utah, with one company appointment and no clients. By the decade’s end, Dixie had thousands of clients throughout southwestern Utah and southern Nevada.

Dixie Leavitt and his brother Bert incorporated Leavitt Insurance Agency of Las Vegas in 1959. Dixie owned 60%, and Bert owned 40%. Using this 60-40 arrangement, Dixie and other co-owners invested in and created agencies.

Leavitt Producer School, Spring 2022

Spring 2022 Producer School Attendees

As the parent company grew, LGE provided member agencies with the multi-agency strength necessary to maintain insurer relationships, offered placement services, provided back-office support, and developed other group-wide services, such as E&O coverage.

Leavitt Group has seen tremendous growth over the years, which was fostered by sound agency operations, innovation, partnering with the right people, and following the Leavitt Group values.

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