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What You Need to Know About Specialty Programs

Communities & Associations

Insuring Condominium and Homeowners Associations requires specialized insurance programs along with a partnered approach to work with community managers and boards of directors. While bottom lines are important to any community association, we will provide a more value added approach to assist with full association risk management, board member/resident & community manager education, onsite visits, governing documents reviews and board meeting attendance to full policy audits to make sure your association is protected down to the fine print.


Any company involved in the field of construction is open to an endless number of risks and liabilities. These can range from severe accidents involving your workers, to hazardous material being spilled at the job site to catastrophic property and materials damage. Through our processes, we will review your operation from top to bottom including contract review, subcontractor audits & coverage verification and aid in monthly safety bulletins so that we are more of a partner to your operation.

Health Care & Home Care

In the course of providing their services, home care and home health care firms face unique and complex exposures. We have firsthand experience regarding the operation, clientele and difficulties that business owners in this industry face, which helps separate us from our competition and act as more of a hand to hold through the insurance maze. Our Home Care & Home Health Care team is fully versed in risk management of an operation to help all angles from staffing procedures, employee handbooks and to make sure the proper coverages are in line to ensure your level of comfort is as high as those you support.

Information Technology

Technology companies and professionals face unique kinds of risks, and having an insurance and risk management partner to help guide you through the challenges is critical to protecting your assets. We have partnered with some of the best carriers in the industry to help provide coverage, contract analysis/compliance, protection of intellectual property and management liability. From government contractors, big data, cyber security, and game/app developers, our team continuously works to have a true understanding of the technology industry insurance needs.

Breweries & Distilleries

Owning and operating a brewery or distillery is both a rewarding and exciting experience. However, we also appreciate how hectic the schedule of a brewer or distiller can be and how valuable their time and product is. Given that there are a number of pieces that have to come together to create a final product, we will analyze your process from grain to glass and help create the ideal specialty insurance coverage and the programs needed to keep your operation going. Business continuity checklists, proper utility failure coverage, employee safety, and emergency programs are just a few of the topics that we can help breweries and distilleries maintain their goal of bringing their product to the people.