January 2018

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Hurricane Recovery

St Thomas USVI is a picturesque island featuring rolling hills, beautiful beaches and green foliage. It is a favorite stop for me. I like the architecture, the history, the culture, and the Caribbean feel of being in a foreign country. They even drive on the left side of the road. In September the island was devastated by two hurricanes. After the initial storm I searched google for news stories and photos. One of the first pictures I saw was an aerial shot. The storm had completely stripped the trees of their leaves. This once beautiful island looked brown. Shocked and sad were my thoughts and emotions. In the weeks that followed I searched the internet for stories and updates. But as time marched on the media became less interested and information on the recovery became harder to find. So, I decided to go and see for myself. I returned to Charlotte Amalie on November 27.

“America’s paradise has been destroyed” declared my taxi driver. Really? I thought, it doesn’t look that way to me. The leaves covered the trees, the island was green again, the cruise ships had returned, and there were thousands of people roaming the downtown streets. He drove me by two hotels that were closed, damaged by the storm.

Blue tarpaulins were stretched over many roofs indicating unrepaired damage. But life had returned to St Thomas. Jonna White, a local artist whose work I like, was my first stop. I exited the cab at Drakes Passage to see if she was still in business. Her husband was tending shop. A nice man, probably my age, shared the struggles of life after the hurri­canes. He and other downtown merchants had been closed for two months. I did my part to help the economy by mak­ing a purchase.

To gain a better view of the hurricane aftermath, I took a catamaran around the south side of the island where the ferry connects to St John. One of the crew members, a young woman from Connecticut, told me she was still without power in her home and that it would be April before utility service would return. She was running a generator three to four hours a day to make life bearable. As we sailed along the coast I could see dozens of small sailboats washed ashore and laying on their side. More, I was told, had sunk. The Coast Guard has begun a recovery response. We anchored at a small beach where a Tiki Bar once stood. The owner had converted a portable building into a temporary restaurant. He owned two other restaurants neither of which were operational. One was missing its roof, the other was without electricity. The Tiki Bar was his best effort in trying to recover. We sat in beach chairs he had set out and enjoyed a drink and the view of the ocean.

The return of tourists and time will heal St Thomas. The people who stayed after the storms are making great strides to normalcy. Ben part of the recovery effort. Pack a bag, get on a cruise ship and make a visit. Remember, the people you are helping are Americans.

Article by: Don Thames


Service Jan 2018

Mississippi Industries for The Developmentally Disabled, Midd-West, provides a full range of developmental and employment related training to the handicapped population of Warren County and Claiborne County. Their goal is to decrease dependency upon the public and family by enabling handicapped adults to function at their maximum potential within their community, social and work settings.

For some, Midd-West offers real work training with potential for eventual community employment. For others, a lifetime enrollment in the sheltered workshop or developmental center provides self help skills, income and community involvement.

They support the disabled with opportunities to support themselves. Midd-West offers a sheltered workshop, employment placement, day care, transportation, case management, testing and evaluation.

News Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, most people shoot for the moon. We tell ourselves that this will be the year we’ll give up carbs, go running every morning, become a vegan or quit drinking. Inevitable, three weeks later, we find ourselves right back where we started. What gives? When it comes to health goals in particular, which are usually based on unrealistic a much greater chance of creating real change. Moderating your resolutions could be the difference between giving up in February and creating a lasting lifestyle change. When resolutions are too ambitious we struggle to change our habits, become discouraged when we fail and ultimately give up altogether.

Commit to making moderate, realistic goals. Say you are thinking of giving up red meat as your resolution for 2017. Try cutting your meat portions in half and adding more vegetables to your plate or maybe eat a burger only once a week. REMEMBER, EACH DAY ALLOWS FOR A NEW BEGINNING.

Letter From National MS Society

Dear Friends at Hennessey, Thames & Leavitt,

Thank you for the generous gift to The National Multiple Sclerosis So­ciety in support of ALC 2017 Bike MS 150. I appreciate your generosity, which is helping us support so many people living with MS.

The Society acts with urgency to find solutions and to change the world for people affected by MS. Together, with people like you across the country, we achieve results with lasting impact. The National MS Society provides more programs and services than any other MS or­ganization in the world. In addition, The National MS Society acceler­ates research. We are recognized as the catalyst for all major advance­ments in MS. We will continue to be dedicated to identifying solutions so that people affected by MS live their best lives. Thank you again for your commitment to the National MS Society.

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